For several years now I’ve been using, off and on, ‘The Celtic Wheel of the Year’ by Tess Ward as part of my prayers.  Each month she has a set of seven different short liturgies for each day of the week. I find her writing often resonates deeply with me, and encourages me, although occasionally I find some of the content a little weird! 

This is from the one for Wednesdays in December, slightly changed to be not just in the first person: 

Like the moon stippling on the face of dark waters, Like the Spirit hovering over the deep, Like a seed needing the dark to grow in the light, Like the darkest hour coming just before dawn, Like the new life ready within the womb, May God’s face shine upon us as we wait in hope for the returning lightIn the dusky daylight hours of this short day. 

Tess Ward, The Celtic Wheel of the Year: Celtic and Christian Seasonal Prayers’, p 269.