I tend to be ambivalent about Lent. On the one hand, why do we need a special time of year to reflect and focus on our faith? Isn’t it a bit too prescriptive? And the danger is that everyone suggests things to read, which could lead to feeling pressured, rather than a sense of finding time and space to be reflective or to pray.

On the other hand, it is encouraging to know that other people are doing just that, and so there is a sense of community – and sometimes we need a season of reflection to, well, actually reflect!

So, I am making use of this season by ignoring most of the suggestions floating around and instead just using a book by Janet Morley called ‘The Heart’s Time’, which I’ve found helpful before – there is a poem a day for the Lent season and some short reflections. Some of them I find resonate with me, and I linger with them and ponder them, others are interesting but little more, but that’s fine. And no doubt some days I won’t manage to read them, but that’s okay too – I’m not going to be legalistic about it!

Do you find Lent a helpful season? If so, what helps you?