For many years women were forgotten in history, with rare exceptions. Recently, however, there has been much work done uncovering the role and stories of women, including in the life of churches. My contribution to this has been researching and writing about women within Nonconformist churches, such as Baptist, Methodist and Congregationalist. Whilst I have mainly focused on the 19thC, I have occasionally dipped into the 20thC. I am planning to post stories here about women’s lives which I have uncovered over the years, so watch this space! Below are a few references to some of the work I have done.


Marianne Farningham: A Plain Woman Worker, Studies in Baptist History and Thought,  Carlisle: Paternoster,  2007

Constrained by Zeal: Female Spirituality Amongst Nonconformists, 1825-75,  Paternoster Biblical and Theological Monographs, Paternoster, Carlisle, 2000.

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Selected Articles and Chapters

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