From time to time I’ve been using Tess Ward’s  ‘The Celtic Wheel of the Year’  as part of my rhythm of prayer.  Many of her prayers really resonate with me, and I love the way that she follows the pattern of the seasons (if you live in the northern hemisphere!).

She has a different set of prayers for every month, following an introduction to things to note each month in the seasonal and church calendars.  They follow a weekly pattern.  In the Friday prayers for June, there is this little gem: ‘make us ready to greet you as another day dawns full of tiny opportunities to love.’

I just love this –  the idea of looking out for ‘tiny opportunities’ – the little things, just a word of encouragement, a card, a text, an email, or being aware of we go through the day of ways to be kind to people – letting a car out ahead of us in a queue, saying thank you to a shop assistant, appreciating a friend, praying for someone briefly when they come to mind.  It is so easy to think that only substantial ways of helping and loving people are worthwhile, but I find it much easier to do the little things! 

So if you think like that too, take encouragement and look for the ‘tiny opportunities to love’.